How to Be a Better Communicator?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when I meet up with HR personnel or bosses. There are many tools and ways to improve how you communicate with others.

During a recent workshop, I decided to sketch 10 drawings on flip chart papers to point out some key concepts and applications to better communicate with others.

That’s only the beginning… After more than 15 years in training and speaking industry, I would suggest you spend more time in the following areas:

1. Be REAL (just be yourself, stop trying to be someone else because others will figure out eventually)

2. LISTEN, listen really well (mute your internal dialogue and stop talking about you)

3. FOR YOU (think what you can do for others because you’re thinking about the same thing) Is not about communication but how you connect with others.

Not about the language but how comfortable are you with each other. Content is not the focus but building relationship is.

Trust is the ultimate goal. So, what would you do first when you meet someone?

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