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Aaron, thank you for Going Beyond with my entire team and help to drive them to Go For The Gold 🥇

Alvin Lee
Canon, Sales Director

Aaron was a fabulous! He is very passionate and knowledgeable about Emotional Intelligence but is not one-dimensional gaining lots of interaction from the audience of 50 staff. More importantly because of his wide experience he is able to use real life examples on how Emotional Intelligence works.

Catherine Tan
Top Glove, Training Manager

Experienced! Dynamic and humorous speaker. Addresses EQ in a fresh way that is relevant. Most people have heard of EQ, but I think there are misunderstandings. Aaron used relevant examples that really hit home to the audience. The presentation was clear, informative, and entertaining.

Melvin Siew
Country Manager

The series of program has positively transformed mindset and grant us the energy in moving forward. Once again, I want to say a big THANK YOU!! We are looking forward for the next program!

Julie Chew
Training Manager

Aaron is without doubt bone-tickling funny. He has the ability to engage well with his participants and bring to life the topic he presents.

June Kong
Learning & Development Manager


Humorous, impactful and concise – Aaron Lee is one the best keynote speakers around. Backed by over 15 years of experience as a corporate trainer and coach, and a relentless passion for learning, Aaron delivers unique, relevant and insightful perspectives on current issues in society and the workplace today. Aaron and his team of associates will present on a wide range of themes including emotional intelligence, intra/interpersonal development, productivity, financial planning, strategic formulation, creativity and much more.


We only strive for the best in our workshops and never deliver off-the-shelf programs. We seek to understand your needs as our client and customize accordingly to meet your training goals. Our hands-on approach means more genuine results beyond the classroom for you and your organization. We match key tools with current challenges and create our own gamified tools for learning applications.


We are one of the very few in the industry who adopt the Clean Coaching system that creates amazing change in people. Clean Coaching is a set of techniques that help coachees gain insight and make changes through discovering more about their own perspectives about themselves and the world around them. We provide personal coaching services on a face-to-face basis or via online, as well as to groups or teams of individuals. All our coaches are highly experienced and qualified, and are certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).


With over 30 years of combined learning experience, we have designed and created easy, fun and colorful tools such as card games to make learning fun. Humorously illustrated and designed by Aaron Lee and other cartoonists, these tools have seen service in training programs and the results have been astonishing – we’ve seen dramatic changes in people and teams after using our products.

Design with Storyline

We help translate complex ideas or difficult concepts into clever panels with a simple and fun storyline with creative cartoon characters, illustrated by professional cartoonists. We produce single or multiple cartoon panels to deliver messages for organizations, professionals or even individuals.

Design of Character and Mascot

Our creative team can design and customize logos, mascots or various characters for commercial/retail/personal purposes. Stand out among the competition with your very own unique style of commercial/retail merchandising logos, or a brand new eye-catching mascot as part of a new marketing gimmick, or even a comical character to adorn the cover of your new soon-to-be-published book – the possibilities are endless. Our core design principle is simple yet attractive.