Mindfulness NOW card game

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Mindfulness NOW card game is a great tool for individual and group to increase level of focus, clarity and purpose in life.  This deck of cards help you to explore mindfulness in a light and fun way.  It helps to explore how mindfulness is an art of being here and now.

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Product Details:

Product description:
Play card:             54 mm X 90 mm
Paper    :                Art Card 260gm with laminated art-card
Page Count    :     54 (54 Play Cards + 2 (instruction manual and cover)

Target audience:
Anyone who wants to develop focusing skills while learning to manage their emotions and respond to any situation calmly, with kindness and compassion.

Number of players:
1-25 players

It is suitable for topics such as mindfulness, focus, emotional intelligence, productivity, family engagement and overall well-being of individual.

A great tool for team discussion, will bring back team to focus on HERE and NOW!

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